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NorieM Shop around the world



  • ミラモール店
    The Mira HK Hotel NorieM Sensounico
    Shop No. 217 - 218, 2/F Mira Mall of The Mira HK Hotel,
    No. 118-130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    > GoogleMAP
    TEL 852-23668400
    Open 11:00〜21:00
    Regular day off Only Lunar New Year's Day
  • Wellington NorieM Sensounico
    Wellington NorieM Sensounico
    Luky Building
    39 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
    > GoogleMAP
    TEL 852-21110331
    Open 10:00〜20:00
    Regular day off Only Lunar New Year's Day
  • Hong Kong Fashion Walk NorieM Sensounico
    Hong Kong Fashion Walk NorieM Sensounico
    16A G/F Fashion Walk Building 11-19
    Great George Street & 27-47 Paterson Street,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    > GoogleMAP
    TEL 852-2505-5223
    Open 11:00〜21:30
    Regular day off Only Lunar New Year's Day


  • Shanghai Jiuguang NorieM Sensounico
    SHOP 310,3/F
    Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store
    No. 1618 W Nanjing Road, Jingan District Shanghai
    > GoogleMAP
    TEL 021-62880180
    Open 10:00〜22:00
    Regular day off Only Lunar New Year's Day
  • Shanghai Takashimaya NorieM Sensounico
    ROOM 205,2F NO.1438,Hong Qiao Road,Chang Ning District,Shanghai,PR CHINA
    > GoogleMAP
    TEL +86 21-2223-2688
    Open 10:00~21:30


  • マレ タンプル通り店
    Vieille Temple NorieM
    27 rue Vieille du Temple,75004 Paris FRANCE
    > GoogleMAP
    TEL +33 (0) 1 45 48 63 22
    Open (Mon)13:00〜19:00、(Tue-Sat)10:30〜19:00、(Sun)12:00〜19:00
    Regular day off 1/1・12/25
  • マレ ヴォージュ広場店
    Place des Vosges NorieM
    4 rue du Pas de la Mule, 75003 Paris FRANCEs
    > GoogleMAP
    TEL +33 (0) 1 85 08 56 79
    Open (Tue-Sat)10:30〜19:00、(Sun)12:00〜19:00
    Regular day off Mon・1/1・12/25 ※There is a summer holiday for about 3 weeks in August
  • シェルシェミディ店
    Cherche Midi NorieM
    28 rue du Cherche Midi, 75006 Paris FRANCE
    > GoogleMAP
    TEL +33 (0) 1 45 48 87 05
    Open (Mon-Sat)10:30~19:00
    Regular day off Sun・1/1・12/25 ※There is a summer holiday for about 3 weeks in August




The list of the brands we deal with

  • JI-U
    The creation of a piece of cloth
    Displaying almost perfect coordination born from the fusion of our original materials and a silhouette that has been well thought out, in our pursuit of natural comfortable wear.
    A piece of cloth is a fraction of existence and is made from one thread, one idea, and one dream.
    The unchanging, universal appeal that transcends the ages, the convergence of hearts, and the underlying story.
    The memories remaining deep inside reminding us of Jiu’s modern elegance...
  • MEFU / Moyuru
    Commitment toward one piece of thread, color, and one piece of cloth; very unique design created by thinking outside of the box.
    Producing artistic textiles by fusing “hand dyeing” and “hand drawing” with the natural environs such as time, temperature, and climate.
    The keywords are “chic” and “capturing an instant coincidence”
    Expressing the joy of playing with cloth within a simple design; dynamic and unique cutting.
  • MIC BY araisara
    A special collaboration between Matsuo International Corporation and araisara
    Everything starts with a dot or line—from drawing the design and creating the pattern.
    We would like to freely express this inseparable relationship without going against its natural law.
    We propose simple, comfortable clothes that fit our bodies and based on monotone.
  • kawa-kawa
    A bag that makes us feel it’s something we’ve seen but actually haven’t
    Normal, yet unique
    Natural, yet elaborate Noble, yet disfigured
    Masculine, yet feminine Orthodox, yet epoch-making
    Silly, yet cute
    Vague, yet just right
  • i+mu
    Offering you fun-filled days where you can smile from your heart
    To women who desire a lifestyle in which they can relax from the heart.
    Women who are sports-minded, health-conscious, and can cherish their private time.
    For such positive women...
    We propose real clothes that perfectly blends an “adult casual” that combine “comfort,” “ease,” and “functionality” with “a sense of fun” and “elegance.”
  • t.b
    Expressing cuteness and the beauty within women
    Designing world-wide material through our original processing technique and patterns. We propose elegance and casualness with the addition of trendy aspects in fully coordinated styles.
  • io comme io
    Natural comfort
    Free, everyday wear that casually expresses the sensitivity of the era
    A relaxing, eco-casual clothing for women who are assertive and active.
  • raphus cucu
    Focusing on feminine style expressed by silhouettes and designs that are a little sweet.
    Emphasizing the easiness to wear even when neatly coordinated.
    Comfortable clothes specializing in cut and sewn material and stretch material
    We propose clothes that can be easily worn daily by utilizing materials and making the wrinkles less noticable.